Designed by busy women, for busy women.


Do you want to make a difference in our community?  Join something that will appeal to you: 100+ Women Who Care of the Greater Owosso Area.  This charity group is so simple, it’s brilliant.  One-hundred women come to a one-hour meeting and agree to write a $100.00 check at the end to be given to a needy charity.  No auction.  No dinner party.  No little black dress required.  Just show up as you are, (yoga pants, just off the bleachers, whatever) and walk out in less than an hour.  The impact we will have is immeasurable.

Every worthy charity is chosen by our members.  That is a compliment to the integrity of these women, who select genuine, no-nonsense programs that meet the needs of the people in our community.  After learning about each charity, you will get excited about the wonderful things that they do.  

You are not required to pitch a charity. If that part stresses you out, just disregard it.  But, perhaps you know of a great charity that could use a little boost.  If you do, please check out our presentation information page.

We promise you will be impressed by 100+ Women.  The beauty is: it is easy and guilt free.  No worries if you cannot make a meeting.  One more thing to feel good about; one less thing to feel guilty about.  This was designed by busy women, for busy women.  There are no explanations necessary.


What to expect

  • 100+ women joining together

  • One-hour meetings

  • Group selection of local charity or non-profit organization

  • Individual donation of $100 to selected charity

  • Donations to date total $230,900.00

We meet three times a year with deserving, grass-roots agencies working to serve the Owosso community.

Who should join?

  • Women who are committed to helping others in the community

  • Women who want to be part of a powerful group to make a direct and positive impact

  • Women who want 100% of their donations to go directly to a local charity

  • Women who want to learn more about the worthy community service programs in the area

Are you ready? Join today.