Many people have contributed their time, talent and resources to help our group grow. Together we are making a difference. 

Group Visionaries

Cindy Schluckebier, Sue Ludington, Lisa Hood and Becky Hartnagle

Baker College for donating the space to hold our meetings (2016-2017)

D'Mar Banquet & Conference Center for donating the space to hold our meetings (September 2017 and forward)


Michael David-Lorne, Photography

Jillian Putnam, Initial Website Design

Sue Ludington, Social Media Volunteer

Becky Hartnagle, Logo Design

Becky Hartnagle, Website Updates


Corporate Matching Program

How can your business get involved? Join our corporate matching program! Your business, department, professional or networking associations can join this initiative by simply matching the donations of our members. You can match one member, our entire membership or somewhere in between. Please consider matching your staff's donations if they are already members!

Encourage your staff to join the cause; spread the world about the 100+ Women initiative and help us build awareness for charities in our community.